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Crystall Glas Ciclotte


T1 Pool Table

A crystal sheet 15 mm thick is “sculpted” into an elegant Pool Tables collection the pool table designed by Marc Sadler.
Among the original details are a jet black playing surface covered in black cloth and a contoured base that emphasize the table’s sleek lines accentuate its form and create the optical illusion of a floating playing surface.
The legs are glass plates with beveled edges on both sides that ensure the table is stable; the base is made of solid wood with carved grooves for securing the glass and hiding the perfect regulation system.


The definition of a design that is functional and fun a reawakening of our playful spirit.
A sculpture that embellishes a room.
Crystal table and legs solid wood base pockets hiding a flexible polyurethane net.
Accessories are also available including a pool cue holder hanging lamp professional and stylish cues pool balls and a rack.
A patented system is used to attach the cloth covering to the playing surface.
Dimensions: L 2896 mm W 1626 mm H 822 mm  

Choose your table cloth color

Two models available for holding up to seven or eight cues. Rack coordinates well with the pool table and lamp: wood base and cue rests in molded glass.

Cue Rack for 7/8 Cues


Time Pieces


Time Pieces


The Italian contemporary furniture design house, IToneoff, is elevating and pushing the boundaries of style with the innovative UFO chair. UFO in this case standing for Unidentified Furniture Object, the statement furniture piece boasts the title of the world’s first and only “one ground point” swinging/rocking chair.


The spherical cap design of the UFO chair allows it to stand on its own, perfectly balanced, yet come to a gentle rock or turn and the slightest touch. Sit, lie, and lounge in an array of positions in any desired direction.

The unusual ergonomic settings are not in the range of what is normally expected of a chair.


The materials and craftsmanship in the UFO chair make it both sleek and extremely durable and comfortable. The UFO is made of a self-supporting spherical cap carbon fiber shell. The memory foam seat block is hand sewn and wrapped in refined Italian “primo fiore” leather. The entire piece is handmade, and then autoclave glazed.


It is your free choice of any color for the skin and chair.

UFO Chair by IT ON OFF



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90° Minuto Limited Edition

A surprisingly chic variant of the timeless table football game. The attractively slender yet incredibly sturdy black lacquered wood legs and structure evoke the grand piano while the luxurious, transparent crystal playing field embellished with exclusive 24-karat gold-plated accessories, redefines contemporary furnishings. Play the game in style until the very last minute – the 90° minuto.